It can be tough growing up around mental illness.

FAMEkids is a very unique and special program for children that builds upon the child’s existing knowledge and resiliency skills. It is a support program designed specifically for children from 7-12 years of age who have a family member with a mental illness.

FAMEkids offers a dual model of service delivery. The first is a 10 week specialized program that takes place after school. This pre-registered, multi-modal psycho-educational group helps children to understand their family member’s mental health concern. It educates and equips kids with coping skills through artwork, discussion, and games in a safe environment. The second model is One-to-One support where children receive individualized support that can provide them with tools and coping skills that work just for them.

Our belief is that kids are amazing! Children have innate resiliency skills and strengths that can help them cope in difficult situations.  FAMEkids allows children to see that they are not alone in having to understand mental illness. It is a relief to know that their situation is not unique, and that help is available.

One of the goals of FAMEkids is to help children recognize that they are not responsible for their family member’s illness. In a world where children feel powerless at times, at FAME they learn that they can have the power to be happy and healthy, and to not feel ashamed of their family’s struggles with mental illness.

To learn more about our FAMEkids program, please contact FAMEkids Staff by calling 416-207-5032 ext. 26

Nicole Levy
FAMEkids & Youth Support Worker
Karen Naismith
FAMEkids Coordinator and Youth Support Worker