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Police Encounters with People in Crisis

An Independent Review Conducted by The Honourable Frank Iacobucci for Chief of Police William Blair, TPS. July 2014

Former Supreme Court of Canada Justice Frank Iacobucci has completed his independent report on lethal “Police Encounters with People in Crisis” for the Toronto Police Services (TPS). FAME contributed the family perspective to the independent review, and we are proud to announce that all of FAME’s recommendations were addressed in full or in part in the report.

Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese

FAME’s recommendations:

• That the TPS review the reports & standards from the Mental Health Commission of Canada;
• That the TPS adopt Canada’s new standard for workplace behaviour “Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace”;
• That TPS officers take training for Mental Health First Aid Canada;
• That TPS officers using Conducted Energy Weapons are required to obtain mental health & de escalation training;
• That TPS recruits are screened for psychological traits such as low empathy;
• That the TPS implement broader use of crisis intervention teams.

Further Reading

View a condensed list of the final 84 recommendations.

The full TPS report can be downloaded here.

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